Figma, Adobe XD

Data Visualization Platform for the Dutch Police

Part of a team for creation of a data visualization platform for the Dutch police

I was part of a 3-designer team working on the interaction and visual design of a data visualization platform for cold cases for the intelligence department of the Dutch Police in The Hague. The project required a distinct way of plotting large quantities of data on a map, and associating different information with it - ranging from photos, reports, all the way to connecting the data pieces together which visually helps to make sense of how the crime developed in space.

The 3-designer dynamic proved to yield innovative solutions, as through thorough discussions and critical peer review, the design was being constantly evaluated. Each of us worked on both the low-fidelity prototypes and the visuals. The platform is an ongoing internal collaboration which aims to improve the way of how the intelligence department works with data both efficiency- and effectiveness- wise.