Unity, Adobe Photoshop, C#

Interests and experiments

I love to experiment with different softwares and projects. Here I showcase Night Band - a VR experience I created using Unity and some of my Pixel Art artworks I made in Photoshop.

I experimented with VR technology using Unity - I strived to make a relaxing musical experience. I worked on the world setting, lighting and atmosphere, and afterwards I coded the behaviors for each element in the experience. I focused solely on experimenting with how a musical experience can be developed in Unity, so I used a sampled music from Mondo Loops and 3D models of animals and environment pieces from the Unity Asset Store.

Watch the VR experience

My passion for games and visual game art led me to delving into the world of Pixel Art. With the aim of creating a game, I continuously work on refining my pixel art style. In my pixel art artworks, I strive to pay attention to small details and to link different colors to create a pleasing and captivating image, that makes the viewer want to inspect every part of the "canvas".